About CBitSoft CaseCollect!

CaseCollect is one component from the Case family of Conveyancing Software.

This is a demo of the CaseCollect website. CaseTrack works in conjunction with the CaseQuote conveyancing quotation system, the CaseMan case management system and the CaseTrack online tracking system. The purpose of the CaseCollect website is to allow potential conveyancing clients to request conveyancing (and optionally mortgage) quotations online 24 hours/day.

Trying the Demo.

To try out the demo first complete the form below to customise it to your company; then try submitting a quotation request. You should receive an e-mail at the address you enter as the "clients" e-mail address; this e-mail will include the customised text you enter into the form below. The e-mail address you enter as the "company e-mail" in the form below should receive an e-mail indicating the contents of the form submitted and this e-mail should also have a file attachment. This file is of the correct format for loading directly into CaseQuote, CaseTrack or CaseMan for processing further.


1). The site can be set-up to collect mortgage quotes as well a conveyancing quote or just conveyancing quotes alone. Select "Yes" in the form below next to "Collect Mortgage Quotes" to collect mortgage quotes too, select "No" to collect just conveyancing quotes.

2). The "Quotes From" E-Mail Address is the e-mail address used by the website to send the confirmation e-mail from to the prospective client confirming the receipt of the request.

3). The "Website E-Mail Address" is used to produce an e-mail link on the pages for the client to contact the company if required.

4). The "E-Mail Text" is the text used in the confirmation e-mail sent to the prospective client requesting the quotation to confirm receipt of the request.

5). The "E-Mail Address" is the e-mail address to which quotation requests are sent by the site.

6). For further information about CaseCollect download the Installation & User Guide (This is a zipped Microsoft Word Document - 452KB)

Customisation Details

Collect Mortgage Quotes:  Yes   No 
Company Name:
Address 1:
Address 2:
E-Mail Address:
Website Address:
"Quotes From" E-Mail Address: 
Website E-Mail Address: 
E-Mail Text: 


Points to Note.

1). The index.asp (i.e., this page) on the demo CaseCollect installation is NOT normally the first page of the website; this page is merely a configuration page allowing you to try the site out (the information set-up using this page would normally be stored in the database and a configuration file on the server, and would be managed using a configuration page (admin.asp) with a form similar to the one above). The input.asp can be renamed on your final website to any other name you prefer, but this page would always be the first page in the CaseCollect website section on your website installation. To try out the admin page click here and enter 1001 as the password.

2). The CBitSoft Logo shown on all the pages would normally be replaced by your own company's logo (a file on the site would just be replaced by a logo file of your own, renamed to match this file's name).

3). CBitSoft Ltd can offer to host your CaseCollect website if you wish (we can also optionally build and host a complete website for you if required; just provide us with details of what you need from a website and any specifications on design, etc., and we would be happy to provide a quotation of the costs; if you are not sure exactly what you need, then just get in touch and we would be happy to advise and assist with the design, etc.)

4). If CaseCollect may be useful to your company you should also consider looking at the rest of the Case family! CaseTrack can also be viewed and tested on this website, but if you require further assistance, or would like a consultant to contact you to arrange a demonstration of the rest of the software systems then please contact us.