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We have recently received many complaints about adware/spyware type software apparently hijacking peoples computers all over the world. This software refers to CBIT Solutions Ltd as the party responsible for its supply and installation and the people concerned have been mistakenly contacting us asking us to remove it. We would like to point out that neither this software, nor CBIT Solutions Ltd, is anything to do with CBitSoft Ltd and we are therefore unable to assist in this problem. We wish to emphasise that we do not engage in any sort of Adware or Spyware activity or products and have no connection with any company who does and that, furthermore, CBIT Solutions Ltd are not connected in any way with CBitSoft Ltd.

We would like to do all we can to help those who have been affected by this problem and with this in mind we have carried out some investigations. A search of companies house suggests that the following company may be responsible and we suggest that you try contacting them about this issue.

Company No. 04106959

We have unfortunately been unable to find anything else out about the company concerned but sincerely hope that the information above helps you to resolve your problem.

We are still looking for experienced software consultants to join our team in several areas of the UK and Republic of Ireland, and also looking to develop markets in the rest of the world. If you are an experienced software consultant, or a sales professional with experience in direct sales, and you may be interested in joining our team please contact us.

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